Online Discussions: Week 4

Week 4 Activities

We've talked a lot about the four roles of the online instructor and have heard about (and shared) some common instructional challenges with online discussions. As we have seen, there is quite a bit of overlap with certain components of the four roles when facilitating an actual online discussion in a course. Likewise, not all of the four roles address all of the potential instructional challenges with online discussions; some respond better to certain challenges than do others. Let’s put all of these elements together and brainstorm some real-world solutions for how to manage and apply them in a course.

We've built these Week 4 activities to get you started on working online discussions into your own course plan and to reimagine syllabi for future semesters that might now incorporate online discussions. Our in-person brownbag this week will be a great opportunity to share your ideas for these Week 4 acvitities, to consult with us on your lesson plans, or to continue to develop your course design with online dicussions. Bring what you've started on with these Week 4 activities!

Practice and Apply Practice & Apply

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